Filters & Other Products


The Pool and Spa Center carries both the manufacturer brands and Unicel filters for your spa and pool.

Manufacturer brands include Hot Spring, Caldera, Tiger River, Limelight, Hot Spot, and Arctic Spas.

Unicel filters can be used in Hot Spring, Caldera, Hot Spot, Tiger River, Limelight, and all other spa manufacturers.

Why is Unicel a better filter than other brands?

  • Unicel uses 4 ounces of Reemay fabric - 33% more that other brands which means you get a more durable, longer lasting, and better filtration.
  • The inside core Unicel uses is a schedule 40 pvc pipe and strategically drilled holes in the pipe to insure proper circulation and movement of water within the filter. Unicel tried an injection molded core like other brands to save money but it broke down sooner in the chemical environment so they went back to the PVC.
  • Unicel is an OEM supplier for Hayward and Pentair and continue to make filters for other manufacturers.
  • Most importantly, Unicel makes the filter based upon the OEM specifications, not a generic sized filter to fit multiple tub types.

How do I measure my filter if I don't know the filter model?

  1. Measure the outside diameter of the cartridge in inches. (+/-1/32)
  2. Measure the cartridge length in inches (+/-1/16) including end capsbut excluding any handles or other extensions. Unicel recommends measuring through the center (if possible) rather than along the outside edge.
  3. Identify the cartridge outside edge end cap configuration using the chart on the opposite page. If the top or bottom is "open,"measure the inside diameter in inches (+/- 1/32) of the top and/or bottom.
  4. Record the OEM name and model of the filter the cartridge came out of( if possible).
  5. Count the number of pleats (+/-2) and note whether there is a center core.
  6. Contact us by sending us an email or call either the Appleton or Oshkosh store.


Heaters by Sunheat 

SUNHEAT is the safest and most energy efficient infrared heater on the market and can only be purchased from authorized SUNHEAT dealers. SUNHEAT portable infrared heaters use 35% less energy than an electric furnace/baseboard system during a full heating season.

Most people spend 80% of their time in about 20% of their home. Why pay to heat the whole house? The Original SUNHEAT is a portable heat system that allows you to effectively heat: bedrooms, family rooms, basements, game rooms or any room. You just turn down the primary heat source for the rest of your home. When you trade the higher cost of running your furnace to heat just a few rooms, for cheaper, more effective, electronic infrared heat, the net results will lower your overall costs.
There is a difference in portable heaters..make sure you understand the differences by viewing the comparison chart on the SUNHEAT website.

Stop in at either of our stores and see how you can save money.